Saturday, November 1, 2014

Making Multiples of the Same Card

At Christmas time I like to send out a lot of cards, my family and close friends get a special one of a kind card.  For everyone else I like to find ways easy ways to make a lot of cards.   
 Here's a quick way to make multiples of the same Christmas Card.  I used three different stamps sets December 25th Labels, Elegant Christmas Sentiments and Build A Stocking. I used all the snowflakes, a sentiment and and flourish.

1)  Arrange your stamps on your cardstock until you get a design you like.
2) Line your stamp press grid with the edges of your card.  I used the left and lower edge of my card as my reference point.   Press down to stick the stamps to the Stamp Press.  NOTE:  If you don't have a stamp press you could use a large acrylic blog with grids on it.  

3)  Flip the stamp press over and apply your ink to the stamps.  For this card I used embossing ink.

4) Flip the press back over.  Line it up again with the edge of your card and stamp down firmly.  Re-ink stamps and repeat on as many cards as you would like!

Here's my card ready for me to heat emboss the images.  

Inspired by Stamping, Crafty Colonel, Elegant Christmas Sentiments, Build A Stocking, December 25th Labels, Christmas Card

Here's the finished card.  Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  

Happy Crafting!

Products Used:  

Inspired by Stamping Build A Stocking stamp set

Inspired by Stamping December 25th Labels Stamp Set

Inspired by Stamping Elegant Christmas Sentiments Stamp Set


  1. Pretty card. I like gold embossing.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I think I'll need to do the same thing this year. Keeping it CAS will save a lot of time too, the thing about CAS is that it takes time to come up with an idea for a design, but the execution is in general quick and easy...

  3. Donna thanks for your tip..lovely gold on blue...wonderful card...hugs Monika HOC DT


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