Monday, April 24, 2017

Club Scrap Cherry Blossom

Today I am a guest artist on the Club Scrap blog for the Greetings to Go Cherry Blossom kit.  I am thrilled that Club Scrap picked my idea (and combined with Roni Johnson's) of a Japanese Cherry Blossom theme.

There is a special story behind my love of Japanese art and images.  In 1945 my father joined the Army (as soon as he was out of High School) and was stationed in Japan during the occupation after the end of World War II.  He traveled the whole country as the driver for the Chief of Chaplains.  As kids growing up we were acculturated into Japanese food and art through my father.  We were eating in Japanese restaurants (on the floor as tradition) long before they ever became popular.  Our house was decorated with beautiful Japanese woodblock prints that my father brought back with him from Japan.  I love the arts of  Ikebana and Bonsai.  I try to attend the Japanese Festival of Dolls every year at one of our local Methodist churches (they have displays of Ikebana, Bonsai and gorgeous dolls). So it is with great joy that I get to create some special Cherry Blossom cards for the Club Scrap Greetings to Go kit and honor my Father's love of all things Japanese.

Come visit the Club Scrap blog to see the entire collection of cards I created.  
Happy Crafting!


  1. You did amazing work with these Donna! Beautiful!

  2. So super this theme! It looks all so beautiful!
    And such a great story behind it. I studied Japanese and love the japanese stories and artwork old and new and ikabana...
    Hugs, Gerrina

  3. The link didn't work but I managed to find the post over at club Scrap anyway. Amazing cards, you're spot on with the oriental feel and style. Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks for telling me about the link. Club Scrap had sent me that link so I didn't think to check it. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Donna
    Absolutely beautiful. A friend of mine flew out to Japan yesterday to see the blossoms, lucky boy. I have a Japanese coffee set that belonged to my Mum (she was Malaysian and bought it over from there) and I treasure it.
    Ang x


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