Thursday, April 24, 2014

Online Card Classes Watercolor for Cardmakers.

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I signed up for the Online Card Classes "Watercolor for Cardmakers." They encouraged us to play with different types of watercolor media.  I had not done much with watercolor pencils before so I took the challenge to try them.  Here is a 5x7" card I created using Derwent watercolor pencils.

Carousel Card by Donna Nuce
5x7" Watercolor pencils on Strathmore blank greeting card.

 I continue to strive to become a watercolor artist since studying for my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts 40 years ago.  Since I retired I have been taking a Studio Painting Class where other students and a teacher have given welcome feedback and much needed practice.  Right at the time I signed up for the Online Card Class my instructor challenged me to create a card with watercolor.  Mission accomplished and I now have a better idea of how to use the watercolor pencils in a way that suits me!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Fabulous job! Great color choices, too!

  2. Oh! My! Word! That is "awesome" I love it. Love, love, love everything about it.
    I got a gift of a very large box of Prisma Pencils, they sill have the cellophane on them. Someday I might have the courage to take the wrapping off!!
    Enjoy every moment of your colouring

    Patricia x

  3. The result is impressive, you did a great job using your watercolor pencils, Donna!

  4. Well I am impressed love the design.

    Hugs Diane

  5. Donna, you picked up right where you left off 40 years ago. Did you draw the horse too??

    1. Yes this is my drawing and painting both.

    2. I admire your talent. Very nice.

  6. Hi Donna
    Wow and I say wow again. You have hidden this light under a bushel. Absolutely stunning! I have some watercolour pencils but could only dream of creating something like this.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  7. Wow, Donna, you are one heck of an artist. I won't be freehand drawing anything but doodles, but I can color in a stamped picture. :)

  8. Um, Donna, geez, I think you could be a teacher for the class!! The preclass video I saw suggested we make color charts (which I still haven't done), not create a breathtaking work of art!! You go, girl! I'll be learning from you!! Hugs, Darnell


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