Thursday, February 5, 2015

Layout a Day (LOAD)

I signed up again to do a Layout A Day (LOAD) with Lain Ehmann.  The prompts are really leading me to some interesting pages.  Here are the first two I did.

Crafty Colonel, Donna Nuce, For Layout A Day 215
The first prompt was about children's books.  This was one book I loved to read to my daughter.  It makes me cry everytime I read it - because the young man grows up and hold his aging mother in his arms and sings this back to her.  Kleenex alert!

Crafty Colonel Donna Nuce, For Layout A Day 215, Club Scrap Constellation,
The prompt for this one was about the "Goodnight Moon" book.  It sent me off in a direction of stargazing.  When our family camps in August we always take advantage of the "dark skies" of our camping area to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Show.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi Donna
    I always love your "pages" because I'm so nosey, lol!, and because you make them look so terrific.
    Don't set me off with sad stories. Some TV adverts reduce me to tears lol!
    Best wishes (and thanks for the gifts again)
    Ang x


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