Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget

     Fourteen years ago today I was standing in the Headquarters of the Army National Guard in Arlington, VA.  I was watching a TV screen with the video clip of the planes flying into the twin towers.  As I continued on with my business in the office of the headquarters we discovered that the Pentagon had been hit also.  We were told to leave the building because they could not be sure how many planes were waiting to attack Federal Government buildings.  We began our hour long car trek through Washington D.C. traffic to get back to the hotel that was right across from the Pentagon.  We had nowhere else to go.  I couldn't even call my parents and husband to tell them I was safe as all the cell phone towers were jammed. (I was never sure if it was on purpose or because everyone was trying to call).  That evening as we watched the Pentagon burn from a room high up in our hotel, we realized that our world had changed dramatically. We were allowed to fly home the next day in our military airplane (because we had our General with us).  I know many people had a much harder time getting home during that next week.

     I just finished reading this book and would hope that my blog readers will take the time to read this book.  Because of my duty positions in the Colorado Army National Guard I never had the opportunity to deploy during Desert Storm or Operation Enduring Freedom.  But my utmost honor and respect goes out to all my fellow service members who did deploy.  My deepest respect goes to service women who did deploy and for those who never made it home. This is the story of some of the best of the best service women in the military.  The cream of the crop.
     As we Americans go about our day to day business not thinking about those who serve and protect us both here and abroad, please take the time to remember this horrible day in our history and how important our military members are to us.

God Bless and Protect the United States of America!
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  1. THANK YOU for your many years of service to our country, Donna, also for sharing what you went through that awful day. I can't imagine what that was like not only for yourself, but your family, It will most certainly remain with you always (as it should all of us, no matter where we were when we heard the news).

  2. Hi Donna
    Can't imagine what it must have been like in the US that day. At that time I worked for the Government in the UK and can remember the updates we got about what was happening and the horror we felt. Even we were put on special alert .
    I visited New York one year later and felt the eerieness that still hung over the city but also the resilience of people who would not give in.
    Those lost will never be forgotten.
    Ang x


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